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Standard Swedish madness! - 80%

vk66, July 6th, 2014
Written based on this version: 1996, CD, Finn-Records

I backtracked Daniel Ekeroth's work and learned about Dellamorte, I'm a huge fan of his book on Swedish Metal, it's thorough and very well done. It took me a long while to actually explore Dellamorte and their work in total, lets run through some aspects of the release here, the year is 1996, it's death metal and the band is from Sweden, it obviously has a lot of preconceived notions attached even before you spin the disc and I will not disappoint but say, yes, the generic Swedish vibe of metal being done correctly is out right spread through out the album.

This is your standard Swedish madness but do all descriptions of Swedish death metal albums end there? Few do, not this one, Dellamorte have absolutely poured all their hatred onto a monstrous slab known as Everything You Hate. This is straight forward in-your-face death metal with no filler non-sense and no moment of wasted time. There is an absolute paranoia with every single detail of the album, yet the production is solid to accommodate every single instrument and churn it out pretty well in the mix. That's one of the highlights on this record, being a bass connoisseur, this album is definitely a treat. The guitars chip in well with the regular riffs fans have come to expect out of Swedish old school death metal bands, nothing un-memorable but nothing out of the world either, doing their day to day with the definite distortion, but for moments of brilliance now and then, the solo's are put in as and where necessary and mind you they do the job of taking the track forward at the same time giving it the necessary authenticity and the formulaic drive.

The drummer is delicately spinal-cord'ing everyone's anger here. No gimmicks, no non-sense just plain skin bashing to put the band's plan in motion. I categorise these bands as ones I rather see live than pop in their disc post choosing them over a careful consideration over other CD's. I mean I wouldn't necessarily go to the CD rack looking for Dellamorte, I'd rather have them as a follow up to a good slab of death metal, please do not see this as a sign of weakness, just count the 100s of records that sit high up in your head, Dellamorte's Everything You Hate is not at that pinnacle but in itself is a good slab and to be considered in the next set of albums that could've been up there. One thing for sure is with a debut full length like this Dellamorte's follow up would've been highly anticipated.

Diving a little further, the lyrics are definitely run of the mill, I give utmost importance to lyrics. This seems like the words got written before a skeleton of tracks were put in order. No complaints about the song writing process any band adopts, but the lyrics could definitely use a boost. The vocals just about add to the existing crisis of mad band spirit, I would've however loved to hear some deeper growling to accommodate what the band is doing behind, but well, spin this twice or thrice, they actually grow on you. For the first time listening experience (Ex: Track 11 - Monster), there could be turn off's, however. The screamy vocals put me off, that's my only complain otherwise. There is some stellar guitar work, ready to take your head to the crunchy world of distortion and heaviness. The highlight of the album has to be the mix of it, I absolutely am digging it, very well balanced and churned out considering I'm listening on $15 ear buds. I can clearly hear what the entire band is doing and it's a warm feeling when folks take time and effort to get it to this level. Would definitely love to hear what the band thinks about it. All in all, a very solid album with good musicians and nice writing you expect out of every death metal band from Sweden. Definitely recommended for old school death metal fans.