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Brazilian XIV Dark Centuries - 90%

Anhanguera, December 16th, 2009

This new group from southeastern Brazil may become an important band in their genre with future albums, for their sound will be pleasant to most pagan/folk metal ears that check it out. The EP is being sold for just 10 bucks on the group's website and lasts for 28 minutes or so. I should point out here the amazing treatment I got from the guys when i bought it. That made the acquisition very fast and easy. Let's talk about the music now.

This release shows the potential this band has. It delivers a more than only decent pagan metal with a well constructed atmosphere and an epic feel. You should listen to it from the beginning to the end without stopping, since it's short and the songs are somewhat similar. The intro begins to build the scenario, with nature sounds and a whispering voice giving a mystic touch to it. Then this almost silent prelude turns into the first song, "Forest Kingdom", which sets the standard for the whole album as a great opener, with all the elements that will be mentioned. They are more present in the other songs, being the vocals here the most interesting part.

The next song, "Of Evil Recollections (Desert's Curse)", starts right off the end of the previous one, like a sequel act of the same piece, but starts building a different, desert-like ambience. Pieces such as the following "Last Breath of a Dying Enemy", in which we can listen to how keyboards and melodic guitars are put together to introduce a folk sound, may become a trademark for this band. There's even a piano part here combining finely with the clean vocals, as with the well placed backing vocal lines. Other keyboard sounds match the guttural growls to make up the sound you get used to after listening to the record a few times.

In "Canticum Calamitatis" we can hear the english of these fellows, which surely makes the listening experience a bit funnier. Nevertheless, the song is not compromised. Still, it's worth to pay closer attention to when the instruments stop, with just the keyboards on and the following lines being spoken: "In different lights, the mysterious eyes couldn't see my agony, see the sparks burning all the green, ambitious creatures corrupted by the christianism, they will pay, they will pay for that! " If that doesn't put a smile on your face, you have probably never heard an actual native english speaker...

The bass is well played and contributes greatly to the melody of the songs. The drums are varied enough and set mostly a mid to fast pace. No blast beats or such here. Vocals are another (maybe the most) important line. Switching from high pitched screams to deeper growls, they have a solid sound, not too loud as to surpass the instruments, but loud enough to be heard clearly. Also, they are not difficult to be understood, and this is a good point in comparison with other bands that use similar techniques. Lyrics here are definitely pagan themed and anti christian, even though there are no specific mentions to any mythologies as one could expect, nor any outrageous attack to holy personalities, as with certain extreme metal groups. But all in all the lyrics are there mostly so that the vocals can be sung, completing the majestic atmosphere created by all the instruments.

Absolute highlight is the bonus "Another Black Sun (The Second End)" which takes the epic feel to a new level with a line that is almost a war cry: "From the ashes of mankind, embraced by the hands of doom, someday will rise again!". The guitar melodies which appear here make the skin electrify with that touch of heroic battle ahead and bring the release to a magnificent end.

I should also note that there are no problems with the sound quality. The production is flawless. Summarizing, it's well played pagan metal with epic and mystic feel. It's certainly worthwhile taking half an hour of your precious life to listen to this.