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A beautiful masterpiece. - 85%

MetalPwnsAll, July 17th, 2012

This album was my first real introduction to metal. I remember my father playing this on the way to school when I was 12. My first thoughts were: "Hey, this sounds like rock, but the riffs sound heavier, like thunder! This is pretty cool!". At the time, this album was one of my favourites to blast in the car as we were flying across the road. Even the rest of my family enjoyed it, particularly my father and younger sister. It just had that effect.

Nowadays I still listen to this album and I still treasure it just as much, albeit I've moved on to listen to other bands. I just can't get enough of the magical atmosphere produced by the combination of melodic synthesizers, catchy violin work, heavy riffs, and Charlotte's beautiful singing. One element I've noticed in the album (and this seems to be a trend in symphonic/gothic metal) is that the heavily distorted riffs are monotonous and repetitive, but the violins and synths completely make up for it with their catchy melodic beauty they send to your eardrums.

One song I particularly admire is "Frozen". I'm absolutely blown away by the energetic intro, the serious chorus, and slow, dreamy breakdown during the bridge. The guitar solo after the breakdown? Oh god, I love it all. It's just fantastic. I'm just going to take a guess and state that they really knew what they were doing during the writing of this song and album.

Don't lie, you're probably thinking "why does this have only have 85 and not 100 with all the praise you're shoving into this album?". Well, allow me to address that. My only problem with this album is that it just simply isn't metal enough. I love the fact that they have the extra gothic instrumentation, but sometimes they just overdo it. I mean, I'd like to hear the guitar a little more while they bring the extras down. Just a pinch. Also, It wouldn't hurt if they actually hit more than 1 note for their riffs. That would be nice.

All in all, this is a very decent album and I would easily recommend it to you. Of course, not everybody enjoys the same kind of metal, so opinions on this album may vary. That's fine. I would most likely recommend this album to people who like their metal to be laid back and formal and not overly violent, nor too mainstream. If you really like modern symphonic/gothic metal like this, then this album is right for you and should surely be a pleasurable listen.