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A Thrashing and Slashing Masterpiece - 95%

MisanthropicEvil, February 12th, 2018

Dekapitator, Yes Dekapitator. These guys have always been one of my favorite thrash metal bands,in fact it was this album that got me deeper into thrash and made thrash one of my favorite genres. Not only is this album aggressive, heavy, fast, psychotic and a battleaxe to the throat of any poser, this album is catchy and catches any thrash-lover by the ears. Even the album cover just lets you know that you are in for a fucking helluva ride with one of the greatest bands in history, this album is a headbanging masterpiece that will make your neck sore from the amount of headbanging it provides. This album is extremely underrated and has some of the best guitar work in history, many of the songs take a lot of influence from 80s thrash metal and death metal.

The guitars have a bit of a mixture in terms with sound, sometimes it sounds like Morbid Angel, Possessed, Cancer or Death, Other times it sounds similar to Onslaught, Slayer, Sepultura, Sodom or Sadus. The vocals always sound like thrash except for some high growls. This band makes the list for one of my top 90s thrash bands,and this album is definitely one of my favorite extreme metal albums. I love just about every track on this release but my favorites would most likely be ¨Toxic Sanctuary¨, ¨The Storm Before The Calm¨, ¨Deathstrike Command¨, and ¨Earthscorcher¨. ¨The Storm Before The Calm¨ isn´t too long and isn´t too short and packs a tasty thrashing punch.

Every single second of this album is a fucking bloody massacre and shatters my expectations, not that they weren´t sky high already, but that´s not the point, the point is every thing these guys have produced is amazing so when I heard this album I was not disappointed..The only tracks on the album that weren´t as good for me were ¨Eye of The Storm¨ and ¨The Call to Combat¨ they were both too melodic and more power/thrash for an album like The Storm Before The Calm, but overall this album is a gem and a thrash metal treasure. This album has enough shredding riffage to be worthy of fucking awards, the album is masterfully produced and put together that any real thrasher will love the HELL out of it. I first listened to this album when I was 11 and I loved it to death, my friend had albums from Sadus, Onslaught, Sepultura, Dekapitator, Slayer and Sodom. My favorite album out of all of those was this one, I ended up downloading the album digitally as well as purchasing the vinyl and the compact disc.

If you love thrash metal and you want a banger to listen to, I highly suggest this album. This album represents all of what the extreme side of thrash should sound like. This album is pure aggression and headbanging fun for any major metalhead and deserves so much praise. No human should even think of passing by this album in stores or avoid listening to it, it is 100% worth the listen and guaranteed to please your evil, aggression loving ears.