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Fun Split! - 80%

Orpheus_Hierophant, January 7th, 2012

Before I write this review, I will in the interest of honesty and full discolosure state that I am friends with the lads in Nuclearhammer, have followed them live for a while and am therefore biased. This is the first (and probably last) review I wrote; i just dont care for this Web 2.0 type of thing. However this is starting to get ridiculous. NH have been around for a number of years, and appear to be criminally ignored (at least as far as the internet is concerned).

Onto the review itself. I'm not usually a fan of splits; they almost always seem slapped together, the bands don't fit together well, etc... However, just like when a reallly, really good LP comes along that conceptually makes sense from beginning to end, it becomes greater then the sum of it's individual parts. Splits occaisonally happen like this too, and I am thinking of the Thorns vs Emperor split in particular. In that case, some of the tracks were weak, but within the context of the record were acceptable.

Anyway, this split 7" is another such concept. A pair of "Bestial War Metal" bands cover The Exploited and Discharge in order "To remind the trendies of the punk roots of black metal". Neat. Well, what can I say really? It does what it claims to, and really demonstrates the continuity between the genres. It also demonstrates (as if it needed it) that black metal is probably the broadest genre within metal, and can be played a myriad different ways. The irony, is that these two talented groups demonstrated the feasability of being orignal in a genre long declared dead by covering thirty year old punk songs.

It sounds great, the production is organic and lush. The samples on NH's side are creepy as fuck and totally appropriate to both the songs and the bands aesthetic. There's not much more to be said. I listen to it regularly, and if you're a fan of either band or the bands covered you'll likely enjoy it. If you enjoy this style of music, but havent given Hammer or Deiphago a spin then by all means go for it. It's a good introduction.

P.S. A friend of ours, being a vinyl n00b, played Deiphago's side on 33rpm not realizing that it was meant to be played on 45. He eventually realized this, but still chooses to play it slowed down. Try it, it sounds killer.