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Only for those who really like these bands a lot. - 62%

Werewolf, November 20th, 2012

This is a split cd released by Slava Prod. from Thailand, absolutely pro-printed, but raw as fuck and is another documentation of rehearsal and live recordings of well-known-in-the- underground and super raw-sounding bands. 5 Songs from each band can be found here.

The Japanesse Abigail doesn’t need any introduction and even if you aren't really familiar with this band’s ever-growing discography (like me), it’s pretty obvious what one could expect from their 5 tracks, 4 of which were recorded during live performances (one of which is a very barbaric-sounding cover of Bulldozer’s “Ilona is the Very Best”). Dirty Venom/Bulldozer/N.M.E.-inspired blackened thrash written and played the primitive old school way. Musically very simple, vocal-wise very nasty, and overall pretty cool rock 'n rolling Satanic, nun raping black metal the way it was meant to be before it was raped by the Scandinavians. 7 / 10

If you thought that Abigail’s part sounds raw, better think again when you reach the Ironfist part since these maniacs from the Singaporean inferno sound way dirtier. Early Sodom and Bathory come to mind, but with the violent eastern dialect of such bands as Impiety, which make the music sound even more chaotic and violent. Apart form the harsh black metal-style vocals, from time to time cleaner singing can be heard, but in my opinion the harsh one fits the band’s sound way more. Whether this stuff is pleasure or torture to your ears, this band’s stuff is a grower and it’s recommended to listen to it a few times at least. 7 / 10

Last, but not least comes the Philippine band Deiphago, playing bestial black/death that can be compared to stuff like Sarcofago’s debut and Blasphemy’s stuff. This is absolutely “love it or hate it” music. Expect nothing but utter brutality, and I mean absolutely chaotic, fast, and violent madness. On the other hand, as someone who likes his metal raw and destructive sounding, I must say that at some point this band starts to sound too monotonous and pointless. Their last brick in their own coffin here is the terrible-sounding cover of Hellhammer’s “Euronimous”, which sounds totally desecrated and raped and actually hardly recognizable here. 4.6 / 10 (62 for the whole release).