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Necroholocaust vs. Deiphago - 70%

Anaktas, April 21st, 2008

This is a split release, where Necroholocaust and Deiphago participate, from Canada and Philippines respectively.

Necroholocaust: Wow. This is excellent war metal (black/death, that is) from Canada . And guess who plays the bass...Bestial Saviour Of The Undead Legions, from Blasphemy! When I was told of this participation, I immediately bought this split. And I was rewarded! Necroholocaust play in the vein of Blasphemy, Beherit, and so on. Fast and crushing black/death, with a rather good sound (it remains dirty and unpolished, but you can tell the bass lines from the guitar etc). As for the vocals, they are the usual "double", growling and screaming in the same time. My only objection is the drum sound, as it sounds rather dry. In their part, Necroholocaust give us high-quality memorable tracks, full of hatred, violence and wrath.

In addition, the Necroholocaust side includes two nice covers of classic songs, "Metal of Death" (originally written by Beherit) and "Blood Angel" (VON).

Deiphago: Well...not bad. Deiphago from Philippines play casual, badly produced yet aggressive black/death metal with very annoying sludge-ish vocals. They can make your head bang like hell, but in the end you realize that their music is nothing beyond a fast-paced blast. Imagine a combination of Sarcofago and Blasphemy, with muddy guitars. They definitely deliver the goods, but so do Necroholocaust, with the only difference being that the latter are lightyears ahead.


Average: 70%