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Satan Rules His World Live - 80%

Perpetual_Winter, April 2nd, 2005

I’m going to admit something that, too many a metalhead (especially those that consider themselves purists as I do), is considered taboo. I like Deicide… …a lot. Yeah, yeah, they are simple and cheesy death metal, but you know what? They’ve been doing the same thing for 16 years now and they really haven’t compromised their dedication to metal. Now I think their last two studio albums (Insineratehymn & In Torment In Hell) were crap, but a lot of that had to do with not having the money to properly record. There are some okay songs on those albums.
Fortunately this live album came out right after Serpents of the Light. The song selection on this album is pretty much what you would have expected from Deicide around that time: a solid selection of songs from Serpents (it was the Serpents tour after all) and a selection of songs that spans their discography. Of course they include their standards of Deicide, Once Upon the Cross, Lunatics of Gods Creation, Children of the Underworld and Dead by Dawn. Though I really am somewhat disappointed that “Kill the Christian” isn’t on here (or been played both times I’ve seen them). You’d think that a band called Deicide would always play that song.

The guitar playing is right up to par with their recordings on here, though not too much deviation which can make it a bit boring to some. There are way too many people out there who want to hear exact replicas live of the songs on the albums. As usual with Deicide the drumming is solid, albeit pretty same-ish from song to song, but that’s just Deicide’s style anyway. The vocals on this album are a little sloppy, but still intelligible and have a lot of energy. I’ll say more on that in a moment.

A lot of people I know complain about the production on this album and really I can’t find too many faults. You can hear everything (well, I can as I listen through headphones) and the mix is right where you’d expect it. The vocals are pronounced, but they don’t drown anything out, the guitars sound crisp, the drums aren’t over powering, and you can actually hear the bass if you pay attention. Considering so many of the live albums I’ve heard from extreme metal acts the production on this album is superb.

Now I said I’d comment on energy. This album is just packed with energy. You can hear it in the bands playing, Benton’s between song banter (which is minimal) and the audience is just going nuts (though the audience never drowns out the music). Whenever I listen to this album I wonder what the hell happened? Both times I’ve seen Deicide they were sloppy, tired and Benton basically just stood over the mic breathing hard and drooling. This live album may be from an era when many feel Deicide died, but I see this album as one thing: a straight forward, high energy, kick you in teeth slab of Florida style death metal from underground legends. This is not just an album for fans of Deicide, but a live album for fans of stripped down, no bullshit death metal.