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Good concert, great documentary - 86%

Wra1th1s, April 16th, 2008

This is Deicide's first DVD and you immediately notice that the Hoffman brothers ain't on it. Instead you get Dave Suzuki and Jack Owen of Vital Remains and Cannibal Corpse respectively. Surprisingly they're able to put on a great performance in such a short time (I think the documentary says that the Hoffman brothers quit just before Deicide started touring). Then again they're already big names in death metal, so I guess it wasn't a problem.

Over all performance? Again, surprisingly well-played. The guitars are sharp, and precise. The drums kill. fucking. everything. (hehehe). Steve Asheim is a fantastic drummer and this DVD shows him at his best. Glen bassplaying, however, doesn't seem to be very useful. You can't hear it AT ALL most of the time and when you can hear it it's pretty similar to the guitar. His vox are great and damn brutal.

The songs are great, pretty diverse selection here. Starting with the new stuff while heavy on the classics near the end. The crowd is pretty rowdy when the classics are played and that is definitely a plus.

The main reason I like this DVD is because of the documentary. It really takes you inside the band. The documentary features the Hoffman brothers before they left and there's a lot of footage of them, they mainly discuss the band's history. Glen Benton is hilarious, he talks about an e-mail he received from some kid, he plays with a lizard before kicking it(!). Steve Asheim is a crazy bastard, he shows off his gun collection and goes to the shooting range to take pot-shots at some Osama targets. Overall, I like the documentary more than the concert. I don't know why, I just do.

Get it? Sure. It's better than most DVDs (Rising in the East comes to mind). And the documentary alone is worth three-fourths the price (to me).