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How did they pull this off!? - 84%

Kyble, May 2nd, 2007

Things do not bode well it seems. Glen walks on stage - very clearly pissed out of his skull - introduces himself (somehow) and with 2 completely new guitarists at the reigns I was tempted to turn the DVD off right there and get my money back! I was glad I didn't though, as when the band kicks off with Scars Of The Crucifix, you can tell this is not going to be bad gig, oh hell no.

From start to finish, Deicide are on top form, regardless of the absence of the Hoffman brothers. In fact it seems Glen is performing better without them (or maybe that's just the alcohol talking). Throughout the whole gig, every song is brought to life, and regardless of which Deicide album is your favorite, there's something here for you. From thrash-like classics such as "Dead By Dawn" to newer, darker songs like "When Heaven Burns" each one is done very well, although the new songs are slightly off due to them having just been written by now ex members. Also the guitar solo's aren't 100% perfect, but for a mostly improvisational job, Jack and Dave pull their spots off rather well.

I don't know how Dave Suzuki and Jack Owen managed to pull off their sheer ferocity and tightness after only being with Deicide for LESS THAN A WEEK but maybe being in other, roughly as large death metal bands with the same tuning for over 10 years beforehand did help the matter.

There is also plenty of extras on this DVD too which will keep any Deicide fan happy, however there is no real explanation as to why the Hoffman brothers left on it. They are even in the documentary! I was extremely confused as to why members who just left Deicide as well as royaly pissing off Glen and Steve are even included on this DVD which they did not play on! Ah well, they were heavily involved in writing Scars Of The Crucifix so I suppose they deserve a spot.

My closing comments: if you a Deicide fan buy this DVD. If you are a fan of Florida death metal buy this DVD. If you are a fan of death metal in general this DVD would not be a bad purchase. However if you don't like death metal than don't bother with this as there's not gonna be anything to change your mind in it.