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In Torment In Hell Part II - 65%

serial_killer_miller, May 21st, 2008

So, here we are seven years away from Deicide's worst release to date "In Torment in Hell" and it looks like they've nearly did it again with their latest offering "'Till Death Do us Part" I mean where to begin, aside from the album title suggesting that Deicide is steering away from their usual Anti-Christian titles. Maybe like Benton said in the first interview he had with Earache Records, they put out In Torment in Hell to "Get the fuck off of Earache Records" could it be that they want to do the same with Earache?

I'll start where most people would and that would be the riffing. They're seem to be some promising riffs here in an attempt to duplicate their previous work "The Stench of Redemption" but, rather than release something that good or better yet improve upon it they decide to simply rehash a slow riff and turn it into a drawn out five minute sloppy attempt at being a progressive death metal band.

The drumming follows the same pattern as it tediously accompanies the guitar at the same slow monotonous pace. Really a disappointment considering how flawless Ashiem sounded on the Stench of Redemption.

Of course, as with most Deicide albums the bass is seldom heard probably because as it has been stated Benton really isn't all that great of a bass player but that's beside the point. The vocals sound crisp like they did on Stench but, like always they overpower everything else. It seems as though the album really is just an instrumental background with a bitter angry Benton upset because his marriage is crumbling, at least that's the impression I get when I listen to this record.

I will end this review on a positive note. I feel if Deicide take a moment to step back and refocus themselves they can produce another quality record equal to if not greater than The Stench of Redemption and return to the glory they once had. I write this review not to condemn Deicide but to remind listeners of Deicide's glory days and hopefully help those who were and still are fans of Deicide to give them another chance to produce another death metal classic.