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I hate it - 30%

DivineDevil, May 9th, 2008

I listened to this album a couple of times now, and it just doesn't get me. It's boring all the way. Sure, I can't do what they do on guitar, but just because it's technical doesn't make it good. I hate it, while I loved The Stench of Redemption. This just has too many slow parts. And if there is one thing I hate in death metal, is when there are too many slow parts in it. Sure, a couple of slow part help improve the atmosphere, and can make an album. They just do this too much. Take the intro, which is one big slow part, and it lasts well over 3 minutes, no vocals in it or anything, which just makes it annoying, an intro is good, but it really doesn't have to be more than a minute, by that time we get the idea. The only track I like a little bit is Hate of all Hatreds, and I don't even like that song really much, I merely like it because it looks a little like the album is starting here, with, at last, a bit of a fast piece.

It just seems like the band itself was incredibly bored, but they had to make something, so they released this pile of crap. I have listened to it for over 10 times now, and nowhere it becomes fascinating, as tSoR was, never does the energy just blast out of your speakers, as in the former albums (not only tSoR). I have to say that I don't like this album one bit, I'll just go listening to the other albums a bit. And I hope that the next album will look a little bit more like the Stench of Redemption, if they keep the new formula, and that they forget what they were doing here fast.