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A Sufficient Album By A Tired Band. - 65%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 15th, 2008

The first part of Deicide’s career was great. The start was even awesome with the self titled debut and the following, unmatched Legion. That album was one of the greatest manifests of the satanic death meal that found in this band the maximum exponents. The following albums were always good but with less ideas and weaker songwriting. By the beginning of the new millennium, the band seemed gone forever with two quite bad albums, but they came back with the new Scars of The Crucifix and The Stench of Redemption. I always preferred the first one of these two, and I never found Stench of Redemption so great or exceptional.

This new Till death Do Us Part is the continuation of that sound. I don’t know, but I cannot enjoy the production, maybe because it sounds a bit too weak and soft for a death metal album. The songs are generally fast but the blast beats and in general the drums are not enough powerful. Another thing that I didn’t like in The Stench of Redemption, and here too, is the way Santolla plays the lead guitars. His solos are way too melodic for the Deicide sound. It’s strange, because I like them on the last Obituary effort.

The intro is the slowest song here, while the following one tries to be fast and evil but it’s boring and not powerful at all. The production is really weak and you can hear the differences from Legion very well. These songs generally sound so dull and uninspired. Seems to me that the band is almost completely tired and with no energies. “Hate Of All Hatreds” is not bad for the higher level of violence but the monotony and the absence of catchy riffs (except for the main one at the beginning, that sometimes is repeated during the song), make this song quite monotonous.

Glenn Benton is the only completely positive thing here because it’s really an animal. I don’t know if in the live gigs sucks, but on CD he is always devastating and unmistakable with his tonality and the use of the screams with the growl to be more scary. Steve at the drums has improved a lot since the beginnings and now is a complete and powerful death metal drummer but unfortunately the production doesn’t help and we must concentrate to listen to his parts very well.

The dissonant riffs on “Worthless Misery” are terrible. The faster ones are better. Going on there are better riffs but always followed by weak parts and some of them have been already heard several times. The violence is always at high levels but it’s not enough and to me there are no stand out songs except for some parts in them, but nothing great. Now, the difficult thing comes with the mark. It’s a sufficient album but it’s a bit hard to appreciate in it’s each and single note. We all now the Deicide sound and this album will be perfect for those who loved The Stench of Redemption, but we must understand that they will never put out another Legion.