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Who needs the Hoffman brothers? - 92%

CannibalCorpse, June 11th, 2006

I decided to check out the new Deicide EP. My expectations were rather low for some reason, I expected weaker follow up material compared to the pretty good but not stellar "Scars of the Crucifix". I was also somewhat worried what Deicide would sound like without the Hoffman brothers. I was afraid of a lack of good riffs and solos.

Holy..fucking...shit. I've rarely been so wrong.

The BY FAR the best in the entire Deicide catalogue. I've never been too keen on Deicide solos, they were good, sure, but they weren't what made me listen to them. But now they definitely are, especially the middle part solo of "Homage to Satan" is absolutely breathtaking, lightning fast and at the same time melodic and memorable. The addition of Jack Owen (ex- Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla(Death, Iced Earth) seemed to be the right decision.

Both songs on this EP are very fast, filled with a decent amount of different tremolo-picked riffs and lots of blastbeats and thrashy beats. As I said though, both are loaded with amazing lead guitar parts that force you to hear them all over and over again. Glen Benton's vocal performance is very good, his vocal style is deeper than on "Scars.." and therefore less decipherable, but it fits the new direction well. His high-pitched screams are still there, but used more sparingly.

It's rare that I give an EP a higher score than 85 points, but this time I just have to. Both songs are fantastic death metal, containing very progressive sounding solos, deep, but not yet guttural vocal work, lightning fast and razor sharp riffage and technical, well-executed and varied drumming.

At last, the production is crisp, heavy and overall well done. “Scars..” was well produced, but I prefer the sound on this EP as well.

I recommend this to all fans of Deicide and to the ex-fans who abandoned Deicide after Serpents of the Light. This is a different kind of Deicide and it's fantastic.