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Leaves Room for Potenital - 45%

Petrus_Steele, July 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Century Media Records

The band hasn't put out a record in five years since In the Minds of Evil. Overtures of Blasphemy seems to reignite that old fire again and apparently meeting fans' expectation. I've also heard that the album is quite melodic, as well as maintaining the brutality the band uniquely created for their music. And I gotta say - this is probably the band's best album cover (although I liked Serpents of the Light more for obvious reasons). Very creative. Also, I like that there's only one song about Jesus or God instead of more than one song or a variation of the two, because now you get 11 other tracks that are quite original for the lyrical themes. This album also starts a new era, as the guitarists from the old era aren't in the band anymore, and while Kevin was the one that stayed, Mark English from the current Monstrosity lineup joined for this record, only to later be replaced by Chris Cannella who joined few months later.

This album possess most tracks the band has ever put out on a full-length. It's all 12 straight tracks, and oddly enough the first track is the longest, while the last track is the shortest. Everything else is between 2:30 to 3:30 minutes tops. This actually gives me a bad impression because in the past it has been proven that Deicide can put out quality, longer tracks, and now it looks like we're back to the band's shorter song structures. So let's see if having 12 tracks equals quantity of mediocre tracks instead of quality and memorable songs.

Crawled from the Shadows exceptionally sounds catchy. The guitars here sound good, I love the drums a lot, and the vocals aren't bad. This rather sounds like a complete different Deicide track we haven't heard before, rather than resembling the 90s era. All That Is Evil is surprisingly good. The bass sounds amazing and catchy, the guitar riffs weren't repetitive and the solos were excellent, backed well enough by the rhythms.

Although hardcore-sounding, Crucified Soul of Salvation DOES SOUND LIKE something from the 90s era. The blast beats with the cymbals combined sound awesome and audibly well, I also liked the palm-muted main riff. The song sounds like a freaking celebration, but it wasn't really appealing. Flesh, Power, Domination is overall a decent track with catchy moments, but just like Crucified Soul of Salvation there wasn't any appeal. This is nothing we haven't heard of.

One with Satan showcases Glen's brutal death growls that resembles the 90s era, the bass is excellent and finally been given audio in the mix, the drums aren't so bad as well. But the guitars sounded boring an uninteresting, and the track itself was pretty generic. Could've been better if it followed the opening riff's formula; could've made a dommy track. Seal the Tomb Below has a pretty catchy chorus, though the track itself felt very short and forgettable; same can be said for Compliments of Christ. Excommunicated is another one of those hardcore-ish songs that just don't belong. Anointed in Blood was also very forgettable and only had a catchy opening riff. Defying the Sacred and Consumed by Hatred both have great choruses (especially a pre-chorus for the latter), but otherwise sound dull. And for the final and shortest track, Destined to Blasphemy sounds like something from the early 00 albums, which you probably figured what that means...

Overtures of Blasphemy is a pretty decent record and the band took some time off to try and make something outstanding. It's definitely better than the last two records, but not as impactful like the 2006-2008 records, respectively. Surely a solid 8/10 by the majority, just not for me. You eventually get the idea of the album as it progresses and it's nothing new. The best track easily is the standout Crawled from the Shadows.