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Disappointing - 30%

jciscrazy, March 17th, 2005

I bought this because deicide is legendary and so I figured it had to be good. WRONG. This CD is boring as a brick taking a shit, actually that would be interesting, this is more like shit turning into a brick. The lyrics are asinine… yes… you hate god: shut up. Usually when you can understand a death/grind/black vocalist its kind of sweet, you finally have a band you know enough lyrics to sing along with. On this CD I understand most of it… unfortunately. Seriously the lyrics on this CD are too terrible for words, which doesn’t even make sense because lyrics are words…whatever.

Other then lyrics this CD is still weak, the songs are too slow, it’s just boring (not all the time but for about 50% of the CD), vocals are unimpressive, guitar parts are alright, 50% of the time, then cliché in a bad way the other 50%. Can you say monotonous? I can’t because I am too tired after listen to this. There just is nothing good to say about this CD. Don’t buy it unless you own every decent death metal CD ever released or like throwing money away, and if you like throwing money away please email me and I’ll take because with this review I just saved you 14$, you owe me anyway.

I gave this CD a 30% because although 50% of each song is decent; that still leaves no actually good songs, and any CD without a good song is lucky to get a 1%.