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Insineratehymn - 84%

darwinvsjesus, May 2nd, 2008

Okay. Insineratehymn. Everyone says it is terrible. But, I don't really get that. I am a big fan of extreme music, and I really don't care much for anything out of the underground. But I do indeed appreciate many sub-genres (grindcore, black metal, death metal, doom metal, and such). This album is very much unlike other Deicide releases. It's slower, it's chunkier, and it's stripped down. But for what it is, it is a great release. It reminds me a lot of the trashy/punk-ish type grind/death that Frightmare, Blood Freak, and Lord Gore play. I enjoy that sound, but it is not always what I want to hear. That said:

The music here is typically mid-paced. There are some blast beats, but those are also mid-paced, and not very frequent. I find that this sort of helps the music, though, because it makes them more effective. Also, the chunkier parts are really solid because they are straight-forward heavy-fucking-metal riffs. I would not exactly call the overall sound of this album death metal' , but more like a 'thrashy old school grind' sound with death elements mixed in. So, the music is not so technical, but sometimes it should not be. The slow down seems to be a nice change of pace, and it does not lose any effectiveness whatsoever. The solos are also sort of simplistic, but I would not call them weak. They do not feel forced, as some crazy fast solos sometimes too. They seem to fit the stripped down, thrashy feel of the album. very awesome. The production is also very, very, good. The sound is crisp, clear, and everything is mixed very evenly. One thing I don't like about the music is the "verse/chorus" scheme. I don't like that scheme in general , though, and for this particular sound it is only a minor complaint. It does not detract from the effectiveness of the music at all.

The vocals are excellent. Benton has a deep, raw, gurgle/ grunt. I say gurgle, but I don't mean a Dying Fetus gurgle. I mean that the low-end of his voice has subtle, and very aggresive sounding gurgle. I prefer deeper vocals than this, but I find that his vocals suit the music very well, because the guitars are not tuned very low, and it all seems to fit together properly. (note that the lyrics are pretty lame).

Overall, it is a good album on its own. I would recommend it to fans of extreme music in general, but not to 'death metal purists' who still live in 1991. It is a good album for what it is, and there are many times where I would rather hear a mid-paced album over a crushing, 500 bpm album (like brodequin, nile, etc).

Give it a listen. I think if you listen a couple of times, understanding its a slower, chunkier death metal album, you won't be disappointed. It really does have some great moments on it.