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Deicide go groovy - 85%

TheSkrypter, April 13th, 2012

This is an album that requires a few spins to be fully understood, because it doesn’t correspond to the traditional Deicide sound – or so it seems. Actually, this album is 100% Deicide from top to bottom, because you have the typical very unhealthy dose of anti-Christian hatred and bigotry, the excellent twisty and galloping riffs, the daze-like solos, the harsh pounding bass, the brutal extremely fast blast beating drums and the deep exasperated guttural grasp that made the Deicide brand famous. The production is also very good; every instrument is perfectly audible with that somehow unclean filter that makes death metal sound so damn cool and heavy.

What apparently makes this album sound non-Deicide is the substantial amount of slow, groovy and down beat passages, which aren’t at all common it previous works. Well, the thing is that those moments actually bring some freshness to the band’s discography, because they confer a doom-like feel to some songs, and that brings out a whole new level of evil for the band – because fast and furious does it, but slow, groovy and contemplating does no less. Just think of bands such as Obituary and Asphyx, which alternate faster parts and groovy or doom-like ones and they sound great. The issue is that those bands mixed different elements from the beginning of their careers, and Deicide decided to do it only now.

The final result is a pretty good death metal album, perfectly entertaining and fun to listen to a fair amount of times. It is not the best death metal album around, nor is it the best Deicide album, but it is far from being a less than very good piece. Just listen to this album without comparing it to previous releases and you will see how catchy and mind blowing it can be, both the faster and the groovier parts – and still as evil and blasphemous as Benton can ever be!