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Solid... - 85%

Snxke, April 17th, 2004

Despite the stripped back technical aspects and the bare vocals this CD has a unique charm among the Deicide catalog that few other bands have been able to touch. Let's face it, Deicide are a band that have somewhat left their prime long ago (especially after such a stunning debut LP) so the least they can do is attempt to branch out and capture new vibes...right?

This CD is primative. The riffs though, are quite full and meaty and the singing is gruff and aggressive. Their are a lot of odd hooks here and there that keep you humming the songs as well. This may be seen as a bad thing by death metal fans whom claim Six Feet Under is the worst thing to ever happen to the genre but lets not confuse our ideas here. Decide are still kicking it for the devil and this decently-produced effort kicks like a mule, even if it lacks anything that will reinvent the genre.

I would say to all Deicide fans to buy this CD, I can find little wrong with it on any level other than the lack of screeching on the part of Mr. Benton. Sure, it's a little rushed and it's not the ultimate death metal LP that people assume that Deicide still have in them.

It's just a meaty, tough-guy styled death metal album that is meant to be enjoyed with a beer and a hatred for the lord above and nothing more. If you're looking for melody go for the new "Scars of the Crucifix" and drown yourself in the double-tracked vocals and screeching guitars. If you want sheer satanic brutality go on to the debut as it's probably among the most violent and important death metal albums ever made.

Otherwise, just listen to this, bang your head for satan and stop complaining about how Deicide have yet to repeat their past glories.