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Avoid this pile of horse crap. - 19%

Avaddons_blood, March 17th, 2008

Holy hippo fucking shit this album sucks massive turkey balls. When the fuck did Deicide get so lazy? Seriously where are the fucking riffs at? Its like they wrote this album in a single fucking day. The Hoffman brothers come up with 3 boring uncreative riffs and try to make it into a song. Since when is slow palm-muted chug chug chug go nowhere riffs considered quality death metal? This album is full of these fucking useless riffs.Sure the album has some solos here and there, but what is the point when you got no fucking riffs. The solos are not even that spectacular either. Its like instead of trying to write a good solo they settled for the first uninspired thing they churned out.

Its not just the riffs and solos that fail on this album though, its also the fact that every fucking song runs together. You may not notice that there are track changes because every track has the same shitty riffing. Glen doesn’t fucking help either, seriously this guy has zero diversity on this album and his lyrics suck ass too.

Please do yourself a favor and avoid this pile of horse crap and pick up Deicide first 2 albums before they decided to churn out last unimpressive crap like this album.