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Some bands just want to watch the world burn - 95%

belegur13, December 1st, 2013

I've had mixed feelings about the band's last few albums after the departure of the Hoffmans. The Stench of Redemption was arguably the best of the bunch, whilst Till Death Do Us Part was not as engaging; To Hell With God was an improvement, though not album of the year material.

In The Minds of Evil however is not only better than any of the albums released in the post-Hoffman era, it also raises a new standard for the band (in my opinion). It's more focused, tighter and just plain meaner than Stench. Plus Glen Benton's vocals sound better here than they have in years, something many no doubt will remark upon. There's very little of the black metal dual vocals, with the ones that do appear no longer sounding like a Dani Filth screech but more old school black, as they should be.

Ever since Kevin Quirion was announced as the (on again/off again) replacement for Ralph Santolla, I had wondered what the band would sound like with his performance and influence. The wait has been worth it, as his compositions are one of the primary reasons this album sounds as good as it does. Not to discount the other band member's contributions, of course.

Songs like "Godkill" and "Between the Flesh and the Void" are prime Deicide, with haunting solos, epic riffs and crushing nastiness that this band has become known for. Benton's lyrics are as blasphemous as ever, but not as vulgar as they have been the last few albums, which allows these songs to make more of an impression. Still, the opening to the title track which references The Dark Knight kept me waiting for him to growl something like "When Heaven is have my permission to die!" Actually, that would have been cool.

A previous reviewer noted this is probably the best Deicide album since Serpents of the Light and I am inclined to agree. Not only that, but I'm making this one of my top albums of this year. Horns up to the band!