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A Groovy Entry By Florida's Own. - 90%

Spiderystraw11, December 6th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Century Media Records

Every Satanist and their hellhound have been asking, how exactly did this album turn out? To be blunt, (as the title states) this album is one of the grooviest albums this band has ever recorded but it still manages to clench onto the maniacal growls, insane drumming skills, and stellar guitar shredding (and of course the bass guitar is stunning as well!) that was displayed on their older albums (Deicide, Legion, etc.). Regarding the vocals, Benton stuck to his old school growls and grunts and tended to stray away from doing the high-pitched screams as much as he used to. He has not lost his luster but has in fact shown extreme energy compared to the last few records. He (Glen Benton) also wrote some of the most memorable lyrics that he has written in a long time, such as “I curse the air you breathe, All men of the cloth, What was will never be, Your cause is lost” or “nullify resistance to control our lives sterilized creation, born to bear your lie mortified in madness by a man made god the solitude of sadness the father and the son.”

Now onto one of the best features of this album, the guitars. Jack Owen (Ex Cannibal Corpse) and Kevin Quirion have lucked out on this entire 11-track album by adding the most catchy, rhythmic and brutal guitar riffs and solos that (once again) the band has not done it in a legitimate way for quite a while. Turns out Owens past experience with Cannibal Corpse has paid off well, yet again so have Quirion's skills. Benton’s bass is on key and stays in rhythm with the drums (which is pretty gnarly if I must say so my self) and he really shows big improvement compared to past times (this album seems to be a big improvement overall).

The drummer, Steve Asheim, has been in the band just as long as Benton and has aged just as well as him. Although he is aging, it certainly doesn’t stop him from delivering a grotesque performance along with blast beats, rhythmic beats, and other such gifts. This drummer has got to be one of the craziest in my book and I certainly enjoy his work on this album, along with the album itself. I was very impressed with this release and I am seeing a dark and devious future ahead of Deicide. I honestly cannot wait until they enter the studio to record, yet again another great album.