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A Mind Bored - 35%

Petrus_Steele, July 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Century Media Records

In the Minds of Evil sounds like the band's early roots, eliminating the technical guitar melodies for the most part from the last four albums or so. I won't be surprised if this album will also fall short, giving the requirements of the record label and whether the band actually wanted to go back to their roots, but modernly contemplated in unoriginal material. I think The Stench of Redemption and Till Death Do Us Part provided the best material in years and should've been that way.

While I think this time around the band actually worked AS A BAND than ever before, being credited for lyrical work more often and signifying respect. However, it's also the last one to feature the current lineup, giving how Ralph was replaced by Kevin Quirion and also unfortunately passing away years after, it's also the last record with Jack Owen. Assuming things indeed went well after this record was released, let's see if it's actually better than expected, and if the new guitarist brings out his best.

Most of the album's offering is very forgettable and uninspiring. Was really hard to find something interesting or worth mentioning. The guitars didn't have the same power as older records, and even the first two records sound much powerful than what this had to offer. Bass is barely mixed, unlike the previous album. The drums are not inspiring in any shape or form and also lack the craziness that Legion alone possessed, and Glen's vocals are meh at best.

The only ones that were good are Even the Gods Can Bleed, which has great guitar riffs and chorus. The drums sound good enough and the vocals aren't as bad. And End the Wrath of God, which actually disproved the claim that the band went back to their roots, as this song is somewhat crazy (in the good way, of course) and has them shredded, technical guitar solos and is overall a heavy track.

In the Minds of Evil has some potential unlike the third abomination in the discography that is To Hell with God. Overall, the musicianship is great and despite not featuring the best songs it's always important to have band mates working together in the studio. The best tracks are Even the Gods Can Bleed and End the Wrath of God.