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Deicide For The New Era - 85%

DarkRecollections69, December 5th, 2013

Deicide. Anyone even remotely familiar with death metal knows the name. They are a band who has forever made their mark in the world of death metal. Their brand of Christ-bashing death metal has sparked much controversy over the years and in their twenty plus year history they have released several records now considered classics, particularly the first four albums, the self titled, "Legion", "Once Upon The Cross", and "Serpents of the Light". Since then Deicide has continually been releasing some fairly decent to good records under the same banner, making some pretty significant changes to their sound throughout this course of time, leaving many fans feeling alienated and disenfranchised with the band.

Now in the year 2013, another new record called "In The Minds Of Evil" was announced. At first upon hearing the news I, like many of you, was not too overly thrilled and didn't really expect much, as they had been sounding more bland and uninspired as of late. The last couple releases "Till Death Do Us Part" and "To Hell With God" hadn't really done much for me. I seen a new song "In The Minds Of Evil" was released and just out of pure Curiosity, I gave it a spin. Upon first listen, I thought it was pretty good and noticed while it wasn't too much different than what I had came to expect, some improvements had surely been made. I listened through the song again and noticed first of all the vocals had greatly improved, as it was clear Benton was putting forth more effort and emphasis on the vocals and lyrics. Instead of sounding much like a barking dog like on most of the newer records, the vocals sound much clearer and he annunciates the words better than he has in a long time.

Musically speaking, there are also some important changes to note. The riffs are catchier and groovier than seen in a long time, giving the music more of an old school Deicide vibe that hasn't really been seen seen since "Serpents of The Light", as evidenced by the main riffs of songs like "Godkill", "Thou Begone", "Beyond Salvation", and the title track. The leads have also improved. "Between the Flesh and the Void" is another highlight with the main riff bringing a Morbid Angel type of vibe. Production wise, it brings more of a "Stench of Redemption" vibe, also a solid album in it's own right. The main thing making this release different from that album or any of the other newer releases though, is more emphasis is put on the vocals and the album contains more groovy riffs like in the early days of the band.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something new or different from this band, you will probably be disappointed. While not being a classic or groundbreaking by any means, "In The Minds Of Evil" is still a good and solid record in it's own right worth a good listen. I would implore those of you with an open mind to give it a fair chance and actually take the time to listen to it without any preconceived notion that nothing this band releases anymore can be worthwhile. If you do this, hopefully you can find this record an enjoyable and entertaining listen like I did.