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Doomsday L.A. good Concept, Bad Execution - 45%

Five_Nails, January 3rd, 2008

With one DVD release already under their belt, and a bandwagon of controversy left in their wake, Floridian death metal band, Deicide, set off to release their second DVD with some anticipation from fans to see more of what made their first DVD, When London Burns, so well- done. The second attempt, though failed miserably. In concept, another Deicide DVD would be welcomed by many fans, especially after the great turn-around of the band with their release of The Stench of Redemption and prior evidence from their first DVD. In execution, the DVD did not work.

Deicide had a very good set list, their best lineup that they could muster, but nothing could bring the band out of the pit that they had dug with the horror (bad horror not good) that this DVD became. Their show consisted of mainly older favorites with their newest songs put in at different intervals. The band seemed to put in a great effort, though the sound was absolutely horrendous with the, as always, inaudible bass, the guitars were tuned way too high and the drums were almost as inaudible as the bass at points. The production was alright consisting of some different camera angles, but little view of the crowd or any mosh pits whatsoever.

The worst part of this whole sordid dilemma was the extra features section of the disc. This features interviews with Glen Benton and Jack Owen on one camera and Ralph Stantolla and Steve Asheim on another. These interviews include Asheim speaking seriously about the band and the other three screwing around. At one point a person actually falls into the camera in front of the interview waking up Jack Owen for a few seconds as he drifts back into his peaceful inebriated slumber.

There are two other extra features on this disc as well which include music videos for their singles Desecration and Homage for Satan. Desecration is a clip from a live performance set to the studio version of the song whereas Homage for Satan is a full music video featuring satanic zombies infecting the pathetic religious that they come across. The zombies eventually find a priest, infect him and he overturns his Babble to rouse the denizens of Hell circled about him with prayer to Satan. This music video is really the only redeeming part of this whole debacle, but with my copy of this disc, the clip did not burn onto the disc in the factory.

To conclude, Doomsday L.A. is a very flawed, very cheap Deicide release that, though holding their best work so far, is done in a horrible way. When London Burns is of more value than this release though it does not feature the great songs of the aforementioned DVD, but there is at least some work put into When London Burns.