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A decent DVD - 75%

DomDomMCMG, January 6th, 2012

I got this DVD as part of a box set from Earache with Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste and At The Gates live sets. I decided to watch this one first because Deicide are one band i've wanted to see live for ages. It's not a great release. The camera work is a bit shoddy and the sound quality isn't excellent, but for what it is, it's very enjoyable.

The setlist is missing a few greats (only one song from Legion on the entire thing), but it does contain some Deicide classics, including Sacrificial Suicide, Lunatic of God's Creation, Dead But Dreaming and some of the highlights of the newest album (at the time) The Stench of Redemption. Homage For Satan, Desecration, but oddly no Crucified For The Innocence.

This is the first live release with guitarists Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla, and they give a fresh feel to the older songs, modernizing them almost. Glen Benton is still a great vocalist, his growls and screams both sounding as good as they ever have. His bass is noticeably absent. During Homage For Satan he stops playing his bass altogether, then starts playing it again, but there's no obvious change to the sound. Santolla and Owen's solos are top notch, sounding exactly as they do on the studio versions, but the riffs are a bit too quiet in the mix, drowned out by Steve's loud drums, which are played expertly, as one would expect from Steve Asheim.

There's one more person on this DVD that makes it all that more enjoyable to watch. The security guard in the Exhumed t-shirt, who spends the set sat on a stool behind Owen, occasionally jumping up to shove crowd surfers back into the pit.

The bonus features consist of interviews, which is mainly Steve Asheim praising Jack Owen to the high heavens, and Glen and Ralph discussing religion and stupid kids who take Deicide too seriously. The interview isn't essential viewing, but it's worth watching if you're a fan. The other bonus features are music videos for Homage For Satan and Desecration. The Desecration video is just live clips set to the studio version, whereas the Homage For Satan video has a group of zombies spreading disease, before infecting a priest who spreads the disease through preaching. It looks like a horror b-movie, but it's still a decent video, and a nice extra.

This DVD is mainly for the fans. People who think the band stopped being good after the self-titled won't be interested at all. Everyone else, get it, but don't spend too much on it.