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A real damn good debut album - 85%

MorbidAtheist666, June 28th, 2020
Written based on this version: 1998, CD, Roadrunner Records (Remastered)

Deicide’s self-titled debut album is a really damn good record. Probably 9 out of 10 fans of death metal will agree that it is real damn good. It’s obviously one of the best death metal albums of the early 1990’s. This is one of the albums that got death metal more known. Tons of people own it physically and it’s pretty much a hit in the realm of death metal. The first thing that’s on this record is a sample of a prison door closing. Interestingly, there’s also another sample of that at the end of this album. You know you’re in for a wild ride and it is certainly a wild record.

Steve Asheim’s drumming is ultra fantastic on this album. He plays fast and he’s in the zone on all of the songs. He provides incredibly sweet sounding fills and he’s an expert with the double bass pedal. He puts that drum kit to damn good use on this record. I enjoy his drumming a lot on this record. Wanna listen to his best drumming on this album? Totally check out Mephistopheles, Dead by Dawn, Sacrificial Suicide, Oblivious to Evil and Lunatic of God’s Creation. He plays those drums with such amazing precision and he’s fast as hell. He really goes bonkers with those drums. I’m sure it’s like second nature to him. That’s how much of an awesome drummer he is. You probably know about that if you know Asheim’s drumming.

Glen Benton’s vocals are pretty damn cool and he sounds as Satanic as possible. He’s one of those death metal vocalists who made “Cookie Monster vocals” famous. His vocals are on fire on this album. The Satanic lyrics are awesome and it’s one of the reasons why I listen to Deicide. The best Satanic lyrics are found on Sacrificial Suicide, Mephistopheles and Deicide (the name of their band and title track). Of course, Benton sounds pretty damn evil. He has low growls and high pitch vocals. People usually don’t give him that much credit with his highs, he’s mostly noted for his lows. The vocals sound electrifying on all of the songs. He’s particularly sounding incredible on Dead By Dawn. His vocals are amazing on Mephistopheles.

The guitar work by the Hoffman brothers is fabulous and awesome. They play some real incredible riffs on all of the songs. Riffs galore when it comes to the Hoffman brothers. Too many incredible riffs to specify on this record. They play fast and they keep up with Asheim’s fast drumming. There are some really damn awesome solos found on this album. The best solo hands down is found on Dead By Dawn. I’ve mentioned Dead By Dawn a lot. It may be the best song overall. All aspects (except for the bass, who knows what’s going on there) are awesome. Oblivious to Evil sounds quite awesome too and they go really wild on that song.

The only real big flaw of this album is the bass. Benton’s bass is drowned out completely. It’s even drowned out on this remastered CD version I have. I wish the bass track was much more clear. If it was, this would be a perfect record and I would praise it way much more. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. It’s not a totally perfect album. It could have a perfect album. It’s okay, Deicide immensely capitalized on this album. Many people have this album and several versions of it exist.

Are you a fan of death metal and never listened to this? Definitely check this out as soon as possible! If you are new to death metal, I totally recommend this. Not a fan of “Cookie Monster vocals”, fast drumming, Satanism, etc.? This album is not for you or you may wanna check it out anyway. Check it out anyway, you might actually enjoy it!