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Prophecies Forearming you in the throat. - 85%

MrDangerousAnus, September 2nd, 2011

Before I go too far, I'll mention this is some of the very first death metal I heard. I have enjoyed this album since 2005 and it has not moved too far away from my top 10 list.

The vocals on this album are supreme. Low and brutal, but not something you would find in a Devourment recording. They flow nicely with the riffs. They do what they're supposed to do, but not much more. You aren't getting a lot of variation. Most of what you'll hear is low and brutal, with the occasional high pitched grindcore vocals. That isn't too much of an issue for me, because as long as the musicianship is tight, I could care less about how amazing and cutting edge the vocals are. As long as they're brutal and they fit.

The guitar work is what you'll find in death metal. They slam, they are fast, sometimes technical. But they are not bad riffs by any means. They did more than just "slam slam slam slam slam" here, and oh do I get tired of "slam slam slam slam slam and slam". There are some really catchy riffs in here, but the guitar work certainly isn't the constant epic riffing you'll hear in Abysmal Torment.

The drums are very good. I would never get bored with that drummer. Really fast, precise blasts with some brutal slams that jack you in the jaw with a dick. The dude probably smokes a half ounce of crystal meth before he plays. The drums accompany the guitars very well throughout the entire album.

The beautiful thing about this is, here is the basic formula for good death metal. They took all the basics and added their N'Yawk blend of herbs and spices to make a really good, really tight album. It's surely a shame they didn't last long. They would have made a name with Suffocation, Immolation, and all the other N'Yawkuh death metal bands. As I listen to this cd, I get the feeling their next album would have been really good. Had it been released.

Dehumanized - Prophecies Foretold - 100%

Pestilent, March 20th, 2004

Technical drumming, deep sick vocals and extremely catchy riffs make Dehumanized what they are (more like, what they used to be). Each track on this album is extremely decipherable and each has a unique sound of its own. The drummer (present Skinless) outdone himself with plenty of innovative beats, but he also stuck in a lot of mind grinding double bass and sick blast beats. They are all extremely tight as a band and they all cooperate very efficiently.

The CD starts off with a mind wrenching song called “Fade Into Obscurity” which is later followed by an intro for the title track, which in my opinion is the best song.Production is brutally done. Cover art is sick and the booklet is mastered exceptionally well. When it comes to sound quality some tracks have different recordings to others since they were recorded in different studios. This is a definite CD one should crank up the volume with.