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Brilliant, excellent work - 87%

dsbrs, March 25th, 2006

Portugal strikes again with this new band coming out from a sombre regio. I never heard anything from Defunctorium before they sent me this kind of promo-CD. Well, here comes rather obscure dark, necromelancholic ghoul metal with some keyboards as background and a really underground production. Depressive and obscure, whispering vocals like somebody willing to tell you secrets in the ear, secrets you will have to keep for yourself."Under the Throne of Midnight" remembers me these years when this kind of music was trully hidden and kept preserved from the ignorant masses. "Winter of Sadness" is a pure ethereal jewel, pure ambient with only keyboards, an interlude. And the album closes with the dramatic "The Mysterious Silence of a Cold Midwinter's Night", where the keyboards give all the mood on the background of fast rhythmics and nebulous vocals. Well, if you have a special taste, this is a band that will go far in your estime. I'm eagerly awaiting the next release!