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A Continue Devastation - 89%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 14th, 2008

36 minutes of pure aggression. This can be the right description of what I heard in this “Reclaim The Beat” album. Defleshed never pointed on the melody during their career, never. So prepare to be annihilated by thousands of blast beats and up tempo parts, massive riffs and tons of vomiting screams.

This album is pure energy and the only thing I can complain about is the monotony that makes this a bit more obvious, but with their skills, these musicians are always able to create simple structures and quite catchy riffs, mainly on palm muting. The tremolo picking is not one of the things they use the most because they are more "thrash metal" in their style of playing the guitars and sometimes the grind components arise too to create a lethal mixtures of truly violent genres.

The sound is really Swedish and sharp, especially the one of the snare drum. The vocals are similar to those by Helmkamp (Angelcorpse), so really evil and brutal. In my opinion there are not great stand out songs because you must take the entire product in its form and anger and enjoy it. Surely who loves grinding and violent, with no melody concession, Swedish death metal will be happy.

“Chain Reaction” is one of the very few songs that features slower tempo parts and some mid-paced others! A rarity! I liked also some sort of intros between the songs as a continuation of the “work of destruction” that these killers successfully put out in music. “Stripped To The Bone”, “Bulldozed” and “Grind And Rewind” (what a title) are just few examples if you want to test the real power of this group.

Even during the refrains don’t expect melodies at all, and exactly the refrains can be heard very well for the higher level of vocals’ brutality, vomiting the song’s title. Great stuff guys. Pure violence. Not for musical faggots.