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Defleshed - Abrah Kadavrah

Different From The Other Works But Good. - 80%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 22nd, 2008

So, here we have the very first Defleshed album that sounds a bit different from the other ones. In that period, from a Swedish band, you could expect a sort of old school Swedish death metal but the things are different here. In this album we can see a band that is searching for its identity in a crowded panorama but they succeed anyway in creating a quite compact album with quite good songs.

The rhythms are a bit different from the other works later and the production too: less sharp with the good, death/thrash metal guitar distortion. Is incredible to hear how the band is similar to Pestilence in a song like “Mary Bloody Mary”. The tracks are less grind and the vocals more death/thrash. The American death metal influences are inevitable, in a sound that mixes in a good way down tempos with up ones and speed restarts.

The double kick work is great in “With A Gambrel”, a bit unusual for the future music change by the band. Everything sounds less impulsive and grind, there are more opened parts, less suffocated by the blast beats. The vocals are sick, very Pestilence style, so also raw but not excessively screamed and even the drums sound more death and less grind for heaviness and brutality.

The melodic solos on “In Chains & Leather” are stuning and "new" for this kind of music made by Defleshed and they are great during the various tempos change, followed by a more violent title track with a full load of blast beats. The pure brutal death gore riffage on “Anatomically Incorrect” is great as the violins (!!!) and the melodic solos on the great "Body Art..." that once again are demonstrations of a different way of playing by a band that would have been three times more powerful in the near future. Anyway a good debut recommended to a more death/thrash metal lover metalhead.