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Gone Groove - 67%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 3rd, 2008

This demo is a real rarity in thrash metal and fortunately I found it to download for free. Going on, this good group became more and more technical with some progressive elements, so forget a bit the sound and the music of Product Of Society. Here everything is more cautious and less raw. “Don’t Play God” is more mid paced with a bit half thrash vocals by the former Heathen singer, Dave White, but with good solos too and gloom atmosphere.

Again, “Safe” has half thrash tempos with groovy riffs and wha-wha solos. Not completely thrash. They reminded me early Extrema from Italy too…almost identical. Check out the distorted/progressive riff at the beginning of “Wasting Creation”. The rest of the song is groovy with filtrated vocals and more progressive parts.

Well, this is not the demo that can change your life, and Defiance too suffered from the “Groove-half thrash” virus that during the 90s was spread in this music. I prefer their previous albums, for sure.