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For old times? Or empty bank accounts? - 50%

Seducerofsouls85, July 31st, 2011

The "Insomnia" three disc box-set aptly named after their most recognized song, is one which I find quite lacking. It was obviously released as means of extra cash flow, when the masses started showing an interest in good old thrash metal again. The first album "Product of society" is definitely the best out of all three discs, and rest assure you it isn't exactly a masterpiece. If you want my views on "Product of society" then you can read my review on that one, but for now I'll cut to the chase and say it was there best but by no means an essential purchase. Next up is "Void terra firma" then gradual descent into mediocrity and deserving of obscurity which may sound harsh, but unless you've actually heard it then you should probably reserve any hesitations. The guitar tone is sorted out on this one, as "Product of society" clearly had mixing issues, but the flip side to that is it had better songs. "Void terra firma" is pure Testament worship, and a lot of the riffs aren't really all that. Doug Harrington has now sadly passed over, and he was a competent guitarist...he just put too much time in a band which were a second-rate Testament at best, and it's sad to see an individual's potential get overlooked due to the dead-end nature of the band he played in. "Beyond recognition" is an album I heard back in the early 90's, but an album I admitedly never purchased as the Testament worship of the previous album was expanded upon far too much. I know some who actually dig this album, but by that point in their career I had heard enough...I could compare listening to the trilogy of albums like tasting wine, because the first initial glass will be the most refreshing, but then after that it's just another glass and then radically different is it going to taste? Not that much, but the thrash connoisseurs will talk of textures and subtle touches, which truth be told don't exist.

Product Of Society- 80%
Void Terra Firma- 60%
Beyond Recognition-50%

That's pretty much the overall rating of the package, but if I had to choose the best tracks they would be: "Insomnia", "Deadly intentions", "Forgotton", "Skitz-illusions", and "Slayground". If you love anything similar to Testament this just might be an essential purchase, like wise if you just really love thrash, any thrash just as long as it's thrash. If you're a bit more reserved with your tastes like me, you may find a few hidden gems in the package, but overall there isn't anything you hadn't heard before. If you're turned off but just a little curious, buy "Product of society" it's the best of the bunch really, and has some catchy moments.