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The REALLY GOOD brutal death metal album !!! - 95%

cinedracusio, June 17th, 2008

Now, I don't know what the hell I am doing here, reviewing a brutal death metal album, but the desire is burning inside me heavier than a Merzbow album recorded with whales amped at 18. Maybe because this is an album belonging to an otherwise crappy genre, but it's nonetheless a wild child impossible to top by any other band of its kind at this moment, and it puts to shame a lot of extreme metal bands with its shiny knuckles. Forget about Noktorn's temples raised to crappy grind/death goofs, forget about Unique Leader and its troops of boredom (except Mortal Decay, oh yeah), forget about "brutal death" as it is known these days and cherish to the appearance of this colossus of terror!

Let's state it from the beginning: this band tears its competitors to tiny particles. It's simply that unbeatable. First, you have some of the mightiest guitar riffs in the history of death metal: at first, they just sound indecipherable as in the case of most of their peers, but a closer listen will reveal incredibly fast, precise guitar riffs and wild slides over the fretboard that might not be your Decrepit Birth's Diminishing Between Worlds (considering that you actually give a shit on that album), but pay off flawlessly and thrust an iron head in the mouth of standard mosh riffs lovers. And the slim tone guarantees timeless satisfaction.

Second, the drummer would be enough to crush the pillars of the ol' brutal death metal faith, and drop his godly throne straight on the smoking ruins. This man is unlike anything I've ever heard in brutal death, beating even Flo Mounier or Cephalic Carnage's drummer. He has a terrific ear for asymetric beats and screwy time signatures, he keeps up with the rest of the band gracefully, and he is inequalably corrosive in his torrents of innovative drum patterns, dropping ridiculously fast and difficult rhythms after more mid-paced or slowed-down mayhem. This guy's love for the unexpected gives him an A++ in my agenda; you don't need that Brodequin, Severed Savior or Lust Of Decay bullshit or that quasi-technical asshonaut from that Meshuggah band, you just need to hear this in order to form an impression on what a drummer very close to perfection would sound like.

When talking about bass and vocals, the ubiquitous growls of death metal take their share, and the bass is almost inaudible except a brief introduction, but who am I to blame them for these minor flaws, especially when the rest of the band kicks out the jams this hard. I just hope that they do improve in the future and bring this act to heights where nobody has ever dared before!

There's no use talking about individual songs, since all the songs have some strong riffs and even more stronger jaw-dropping pace shifts, but I'd be curious to see what would happen if the band tried its collective hand at longer track durations and maybe some more solo parts (without delving into Necrophagist pretense). Defeated Sanity, along with Gory Blister, are the true masters of technicality without any pompousness. Just sheer goodness. Tschus!