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Nothing special. - 68%

thecollenator, September 14th, 2009

Defeated Sanity's debut full length "Prelude..." is commonly considered their greatest work. Mainly because of the fact that the vocals are much less extreme than their later singer Jens. I, however, am not that simple-minded.

Before I give this album a stream of attacks I will start out with what I enjoyed about it. The music in itself, is very heavy, complex and most of all completely brutal. Heavy down tuned guitars, blasting complex drums, and wicked bass all seem to devastate the listener from start to finish. The riff changes are always sudden and drastic from tempo in other words they'll be shredding incomprehensibly fast and suddenly convert to a slam style breakdown. This style of playing, which was originally perfected by the Brutal Death Metal Gods Disgorge (American of course.) only serves to perfect an extreme metal bands playing.

But enough fan-boy praising, this album does has a major flaw. Markus Keller, while he is talented, is probably one of the most generic and unoriginal Brutal Death Metal vocalists mainly using the exact same style as Frank Mullen of the great deity's Suffocation. Frank Mullen is of course an extremely original, powerful and talented vocalist. But Markus Keller just seems to be another cheesy remake of his vocals. Another band who do this is Severed Savior which I always found annoying.

The music, which is very well written and otherwise an intense listen. Isn't exactly original or moving. It seems mainly to just recycle Disgorge riffs. Not to mention the fact that the performances, are a tad bit sloppy. Only a tad bit, I for one could never hope to play their material as well as they do.

The mixing and producing job wasn't very good either. It just seemed to be all the instruments every song no mix in volumes or tones. The song Remnants of the Deed does have a way of proving that Markus Keller is very talented and has the ability to be powerful and unique. But it is only the one song.

So after hearing this album for the twentieth time I've reached the verdict that this is a great album, but very unoriginal and passionless. I think the reason I enjoy it as much as I do is because it shows their evolution as musicians. From a generic "metal by numbers" Death Metal band to an extremely talented, brutal, original, passionate and most of all moving band. It is like watching a video of yourself taking your first steps in a way.

If you are looking for a legendary album with passion and originality look else-where, I would suggest their later full-length release "Psalms..." which, in my opinion, is the greatest death metal release since None So Vile. If you're looking for a solid performance and some heavy music. This is a must-have for you...After all, if it ain't broke don't fix it.