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A great start - 80%

DomDomMCMG, December 15th, 2011

This album is quite different from Defeated Sanity's later works. While they would go on to play slam death metal, which was great, especially considering i'm not a slam fan. However, this release is more of a technical/brutal death metal album in the vein of Effigy-era Suffocation.

There's a lot of technical riffage played here, extremely downtuned and incredibly heavy. They're also quite fast, almost thrashy at parts. They're quite complex (not complex to the point of being absurdly unplayable except by only the most skilled musicians). There's a good amount of bass presence to keep the rhythm and supportthe drums as they blast away while also playing in some complex time signatures. The vocals are quite similar to Frank Mullen's growls, with some more raspy ones similar to those that back up John Gallagher's guttural bellow in Dying Fetus. Naturally, you can't make out any of the lyrics, but if you're reading this review, chances are that doesn't bother you.

There are a couple of solos to be found here, namely on the tracks "Horrid Decomposition" and "Remnants Of The Dead". Quite similar to those found on Suffo songs like Seeds of the Suffering, they're well played and great to hear amongst those crushing riffs and blast beats. A couple of technical breakdowns are heard as well, most notably on opening track "Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres". They're a good alternative to the heavy fast riffs.

Overall, this is a speedy and intense tech/brutal death metal album for fans of Suffocation and similar bands. While this band would go on to become slam royalty, they began here, and therefore this is a must-have for any Defeated Sanity fan. Get this now.