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Surpasses all expectations - 100%

DomDomMCMG, February 15th, 2013
Written based on this version: 2013, CD + DVD, Willowtip Records

Defeated Sanity are known for their mix of early Suffocation/Cryptopsy-esque technical death metal and the slamming brutal death metal style of bands such as Devourment or Disgorge, and on this album the band have managed to improve on both of these styles. To make music more technical while also adding a lot more slam parts is truly an impressive feat. Everything is perfectly balanced. The music really showcases how talented each individual musician is without it getting to the point of them being so technical they're pretty much just showing off.

From the in-your-face-from-the-start riffs and slams of "Initation" to the epic feel of the 6-minute "Perspectives" to the outro to "Martyrium" this album is pretty much non-stop excellence. The riffs laid down by Christian Kühn are insanely memorable and catchy while still being very technical, and the slams come in at exactly the right moments to pound the listener's head in. Defeated Sanity aren't a band to use solos more than once an album, and this time around it's "Perspectives" that contains one, but Defeated Sanity don't really need them as their music is still technical and enjoyable without them.

Jacob Schmidt has always been able to show off what he can do on the bass, but it's on this album where he finally really shines, notably in "Naraka" and "Verblendung", and his performance definitely puts him up there with the likes of DiGiorgio or Langlois. Lille Gruber drops a precision assault with his expert drumming, easily switching between frantic Mounier blast beats and jazzy fills with flair.

Anyone who's ever heard Despondency will know Konstantin Luhring is a very capable death metal vocalist, and he has some big shoes to fill considering Defeated Sanity's previous album was with the almighty AJ Magana on guttural duty (who also provides some guest vocals on this album). Konstantin definitely puts on his best performance, rather than being the one uninspiring element amid the excellent performances from his bandmates.

Overall this is a very worthy addition to Defeated Sanity's already excellent discography, and has the potential to be my definite favourite album of 2013. Even at the end of the year when there's nothing else to come this is still going to be ranked very high. If you're not a fan of the band and you're just browsing reviews i'd personally recommend you start on Chapters of Repugnance first, but any and all fans of Suffocation, early Cryptopsy and perhaps even Human-era Death should find something enjoyable here.

Highlights: Initation, Naraka, Perspectives, Frenzy, Martyrium