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Disposal of Dharmata - 80%

Bathtub Carnie, August 12th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Willowtip Records

When people ask me what my favorite brutal death band is it doesn't take me any thought before I respond and tell them: Defeated fucking Sanity. This is their fifth full length album and it's a unique one because it is a split album with both sides being done by Defeated Sanity. The first side is classic brutal death style Defeated Sanity while the second side is their take on a very proggy old-school death metal style. I'll start this off by saying that if it was just an EP and it was only the Disposal tracks this would be a 100% 10/10 review. Disposal of the Dead is the best material this band has ever released. It is their signature style - erratic bursts of fury intermixed with the most badass catchy slam riffs you can imagine. It is the same style you've come to expect from them done better than ever before. The musicianship is top notch here just as in ever other release from these guys. The drums are especially impressive on this release though it could be that the great production makes them sound that much more crisp and clear. Everything sits very comfortably in the mix here. There's not a huge difference between this release and Passages into Deformity as far as production goes. The snare seems a little more "pingy" and the bass may be turned up just a touch more. The vocals are pretty run of the mill for this style of music but they fit in here just fine, though I am very excited to hear what they do next with their new vocalist whom was extremely powerful and entertaining live. The songwriting is what we've come to expect from these guys with more slam riffs than usual which isn't a bad thing with how these songs are written. The slower slam riffs stick out and get stuck in my head every time I listen to this. As I said before: Disposal of the Dead is Defeated Sanity at the top of their game.

Dharmata is the second half of this record and is a far cry from the first half. This is old-school death metal with very progressive elements. There is no trace of brutal death here. They even enlisted a vocalist for this half that sounds very Chuck Sculdiner-esque. The production on this half is just as good as the first half and the musicianship might be even more impressive here. The songs are longer on average on this side of the record as well. I understand that after years of playing the most blistering brutal kind of music you might want to play something different, so it makes sense why they chose to do something like this. It's simply not a style that I find that enjoyable to listen to. When I want my OSDM fix I go back and listen to one of Death's first three records and call it good. This super progressive OSDM style gets really boring to me really fast and I've always found the vocal style employed here to be a bit grating after a couple of tracks. All that I find wrong with Dharmata is purely subjective as there is not a single objective negative element to this. The songwriting and musicianship are impressive, it's just simply not a style that I particularly like. All things considered since I love Disposal of the Dead so much I am only going to knock 20% for simply not liking half of the this album. If you love Defeated Sanity and you also love Progressive OSDM you will definitely adore this entire record. For me though, I just listen to Disposal of the Dead and shut it off before Dharmata begins.