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Defaced Creation > Serenity in Chaos > Reviews
Defaced Creation - Serenity in Chaos

A decent release - 75%

psiguen, September 2nd, 2013

After a first listening, I see a clearly undeniable dutch influence. Despite the fact that the band is Swedish, they strongly remind me of Sinister (Diabolical Summoning-Hate era), old dutch Altar (Youth Against Christ era), and maybe some Deicide-style riffing. The band's quite antirreligious, like the aforementioned bands, without reaching Deicide's levels of antichristianity though; that's exactly what the band would get some time after this album, as they evolved into Aeon (a much more aggressive brutal act), but this is just another story and it will be told just another day. Due to these influences, the band's sound is not the typical Sunlight or Gothemburg sound, therefore don't expect a more brutal version of Dismember or Entombed, because this is NOT what you will find here.

The cover artwork shows the faces of the band's members, simple as that. It also reminds me of Sinister's "Hate", where the faces of the band's members also appear inside the booklet, although in "Hate" these faces are quite decayed...

The music inside this album could be labelled as your average mid-90's european death metal band, not brutal by today's standards, but I find the sound pretty compact and brutal yet, with an interesting palm-muted tremolo-picking in guitars. Guitar solos remind me of Deicide's Hoffmann brothers (mostly, but not exclusively, Once Upon the Cross era), apparently played at random. Production is not crystal-clear, but is clean enough to enjoy all instruments and vocals properly.

Maybe this album is not somewhat groundbreaking, but it's a decent release though. If you're into brutal yet catchy death metal, you will surely like this; if you're always craving for the ultimate most brutal band on Earth, you will be probably disappointed.