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X....Well, Thats what's on the cover??? - 80%

Pringle, April 4th, 2004

Wow!, Okay!, No-One's touched this one, I'm The First Hehe.

I'm not going to do the track by track thing, Mainly cause there is thirteen tracks on this album (If you don't include the bonus track?) and I'm not wanting to write essay.

The album itself is good, With the new the new song writting team, Including Marti Fredrickson, Per Aldeheim and Andreas Carlsson, Yeah they wrote for The likes of Britney Spears, But don't dispair, All is not lost, They simply just repackaged Def Leppard, The guitars and drums are still there, Though they have decided, That a minimalist approach is better it seems.....In Other words, Don't expect High'N'Dry, Pyromania Or Hysteria type sounds.

Then there's the famous vocals, Well they're still here and in full force, Making you sing along, Though they've dispensed With the "Party" lyrics, The ballads still flow.....Big juicey ballads, I think I counted three of them?, Along with some nice (But sometimes not great!) mid paced rockers, Covering the usual relationship stuff and a alternative type track or two.

With "X", Def leppard actually do sound like they're interested again, Some songs give a slight glimpse into the past, Some just sound Ultra-Modern and the band has generally avoided the "Nu-Metal" appraoch.

Overall a solid record, It's certainly not Classic Def Leppard, But if your the type of person, Who's walking around wondering What happened to that band, With the one armed drummer?....I think you may be suprised?