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When X does not mark the spot - 19%

Brainded Binky, January 5th, 2014

This is really getting obnoxious. How could a band with a lot of potential in their early days fall victim to the false promise of superstardom? How could a band with a lot of talent get rid of those talents and replace them with pure greed for more money? I feel sick to the guts whenever I think about it, I mean, I only have just one question for Def Leppard; WHY??? How could you do this to your fans? Why do you create such horrible crap that doesn't require skill to produce or play? Guess what Def Leppard, you really have betrayed your fans this time, and they were the ones who even tolerated "Adrenalize"! Come on, you should know better, Def Leppard, you really should know better!

Where do I start with this? Are there any ways to give this album a proper title other than the letter X? I think I've found a few words to add to the albums title; "X-tremely predictable", "X-tremely lame", "X-tremely pathetic", "X-tremely idiotic", "X-tremely repulsive" could I go on and on with this! There are just not enough words! Do I even need to say that this album is a horrific trainwreck of bubblegum-ic proportions? It's a grievous insult to the intelligence of not only metal, but also of Def Leppard's past. Could you anticipate anything good to come out of songs entitled "Cry" "You're so Beautiful", and "Let Me Be The One"? I wouldn't be too surprised if your answer was a blunt "no". Like with "Adrenalize", you don't even need to listen to the songs themselves in order to develop a bad taste in your mouth (or your ears, for that matter), all you'd have to do is look at the song titles.They're pretty basic, generic song titles that even a 2-year-old could easily come up with. They are proof that even the smallest things can enough to throw people off, especially potential buyers of this music.

Should you dare sample any of the music on "X", you're in for a world of hurt. The songs themselves sound exactly as their song titles sound, just disgusting and stupid. They're not really metal, or even rock, at all. They just sound like some sappy teenage wannabes that want to cash in on the pop-rock craze of the early 2000's. Believe me, I can't stand such cookie-cutter love songs like "You're So Beautiful", and if you heard it, you probably wouldn't either. Now, I don't listen to One Direction (nor do most people I know), but I've got a hunch that they've done that one! Come on, these are guys that wrote a song about rebuilding a mystical kingdom after a time of war ("Overture" on their "On through the Night" album). Now, their main focus is love and relationships. Why? Cos it SELLS. Seriously, it's on nearly EVERY song on "X". Here's some lyrics from "Girl Like You", "I'm on fire, and you're the flame...(etc). Look, you don't have to be Shakespeare to come up with good song lyrics, but come on, do you think there could be at least some more brain power put into writing them? Again, they should know better, but apparently they didn't, cos it's all about love, the stuff that sells the fastest, the most. Now all they gotta do is add some autotune, and boom, they'd be set!

When I thought the production quality of Def Leppard's work (I shouldn't say "work", cos they didn't really do "work" at all), was at its worst when they created "Euphoria", I was dead wrong. It's WAY worse here. I'm not listening to the magnificent NWOBHM band that Def Leppard used to be, I'm listening to utter bubblegum garbage. Possibly the worst case of this production is "Gravity", which sounds completely soulless with computer-y sounding effects in place of real instruments, like guitars and drums. Yeah, they went that far. They have officially created a pop song that only teenyboppers would be squealing over....until they find out that the artist that did this are a bunch of guys in their fifties. They've degenerated from NWOBHM gods to a bunch of sellouts that made "Adrenalize", and finally, into horrible, despicable money-grubbers. You'd only need to hear "Gravity" to get an idea of how disgraceful their recent efforts are. And then there's "Long Long Way to Go", a ballad, what a surprise. It's another song that ditches drums in place of drum machine-like noises.While it is abysmal, at least it had some REAL instruments in there, like an acoustic guitar and some violins. But still, you'd think they'd put more effort into making this song! What, did they just ditch Rick Allen in the recording process, replacing him with a drum machine they nicknamed "Bertie", and then just show Allen off as the "one-armed bandit" drummer at their live shows? This is so horrible!

Blech. I feel terrible. I have just listened to one of the worst albums ever made by the most pathetic excuse for a rock band. That's what their downward spiral all came down to, folks, a tasteless, talentless piece of junk simply entitled, "X". I can imagine Def Leppard's members as Smeagol/Gollum from "Lord of the Rings" as they are slowly being corrupted by the power of money, and then slowly degrading into insane, greedy, mindless idiots that stroke their pound bills, while saying "myyyyy preciooooouuusss..........." That's how bad Def Leppard's music has gotten. Little to no thought was put into making this, and I would say that even die-hard Def Leppard fans that even like "Hysteria" should avoid the album like the plague at all costs. Okay, I know I sound heartless when I slam this album but consider this. What do you think Def Leppard would care about more? Putting effort into making music and giving everything they got, or just simply flying around in private jets and hobnobbing with the 1% and living the good life? You tell me.