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The first out of two classic albums - 93%

IWP, January 1st, 2008

1983 was a landmark year for popular metal. It's the year that infact glam metal became mainstream and started topping the charts. You had bands like Quiet Riot (who made the first metal album to make #1 on the billboard), Dokken, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, and of course Def Leppard with this album, Pyromania. It is an important album in glam history, as it almost single handly brought glam metal to the mainstream. Now before, Def Leppard wrere not exactly glam at all. They're debut album, On Through the Night was a full heavy metal album, then High & Dry was AC/DC worshipping hard rock. It wasn't until their third album, thta they would take the glam world by storm.

Photograph, Rock Rock Til You Drop, Rock of Ages, Die Hard the Hunter, and Stagefright are the best songs on the album. The first four mentioned are hard rocking catchy numbers that are fun to listen to. The you have Stagefright which boarderlines on speed metal, with the fast tempo and ballsy riffs. Foolin and Billy's Got a Gun are pretty good as well and add to the album with some nice hooks. It's more consistent, yet also not as good as Hysteria. Yet, unlike Hysteria, there is absoluetly no filler on this album. Each song is consistently good, and some songs are slightly better than others.

As I said before, this was an important album for glam metal, as it helped commercialize the genre in the early-mid 80s. However, they would not make another album until 1987, because of Rick Allen's car accident which lost him his arm. However, he had enough commitment to the band, that he would stay in the band and surprisingly improve thanks to his self-designed drum kit. While not as greta as Hysteria, this album is still an essiential in Def Leppard's discography. You really can't go without it, so if you don't already own this album, I'd suggest getting it as soon as you can.