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A glam/80s hard rock classic - 92%

IWP, January 1st, 2008

Def Leppard have been known for being one of the most successful hard rock bands in history. While according to their record sales, this is true, they mainly have a bad reputation with most metalheadsmainly because of how pop sounding they are. This is true, Def Leppard throughout the mid-late 80s did make very commercial sounding hard rock. Yet, what they lack in balls and heavyness, they make up for in catchiness, and Hysteria has to be one of their most catchy albums while still maintaining their hard rock edge. Hysteria picked up from where Pyromania left off, and made it even more catchy and fun, though they had to sacrifice the balls and riffs that Pyromania and the two albums that preceeded it had. For Def Leppard, however, it works, and they manage to make one of their best albums ever, at least in my opinion.

Songs like Animal, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Don't Shoot Shotgun, and Run Riot are typical 80s hard rock songs just with an extra dose of melodic hooks that only Def Leppard could make. While they are pretty simplistic, they are fun to listen to, and even better to party to. Then, you have the two ballads, Love Bites and Hysteria. For hair ballads, they are damn good. They're actually two of my favorite hair ballads. They both have that "let's lay back and make love" feeling which make them great to listen to while you're sleeping with your girlfriend (or boyfriend, depending on your gender). The only real filler on this album is Excitable. I would've probably given this album around a 98 or even a 99 if it weren't for this track. It's a fun song, but it's also pretty silly with all of the effects and samplers.

For those who dig 80s glam metal and/or like Def Leppard, this is an essiential, and for those who can tolerate a little bit of pop in their music, this should be worth while. While it may be very simplistic and lacks heaviness, you have to admit, Hysteria is one fun album to listen to. Like them or not, Def Leppard are one of the most influential bands to come out of the 80s. POOUUR SOME SUGAR ON MEEEEE!!!!!