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Fun for what is is. - 81%

grimdoom, June 15th, 2008

Def Leppard is possibly one of the most under rated Metal bands of all time. Many don’t consider them Metal at all, while it’s true that some of their release are straight up Hard Rock, more often then not the others are straight Heavy Metal.

Euphoria is an album that could’ve/should’ve come out right after Hysteria. They have a lot of similarities yet aren’t clones. The production is good enough for what this is. The guitars are the trademark clean, distorted, over driven, happy and complicated. The few solos that are within are great.

The bass is par for the band as is the drumming (honestly there’s only so much a one armed musician can truly do; and while its commendable that they’ve stuck by their mates side all these years, he should have bowed out on his own accord. Because of him they’ve been stuck on the same song for 20 years). The vocals are slightly different from prior releases as Joe seems to be loosing his voice. This is first noticed on the end of the song ‘Promises’. The lyrical theme is still the same that it’s been for over a decade now.

Any real short comings would be that this does drag towards the end and it’s rather formulaic (this shouldn’t come as a surprise however). In their standard form they are trying to write hits, not songs. The “hits” on this album are very good, the rest is simply filler.

This is a nostalgic album that is nostalgic by pure accident. Unlike Leppards last three attempts at recording, this one isn’t going backwards and rehashing old glories, rather it’s the band doing what they do best. This is a fun and simple romp into the mid-late 80’s for those of us who remember the days when talented guitarists/bands were not only played on the radio, but on mtv as well.