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Def Leppard: Lite Part II - 95%

kgerych1995, November 14th, 2012

You know what? I have not heard one person on here that likes this album! Am I the only one? Am I the loner in this crowd of die-hard metal-heads? You can call me what you want, wuss bag, poser and other names, but I stand by what I am about to say...okay, ready?

It's not all that bad!

You want to know why? It was cheesy and campy, but it was good fun for me. I went through a phase years ago where I was OBSESSED with Def Leppard. I had the early albums and Hysteria on CD and I had Pyromania on vinyl LP. I never had this on CD. I ever only heard bad things about it, so I tended to stay away from it.Boy, was I missing out!

To me, it seems as if the absence of famed producer John "Mutt" Lange did Def Leppard a lot of good. The guitars are higher up in the mix this time around, instead of being drenched in a sea of what was then high tech (but now is significantly dated) effects. The guitars are light and crisp, similar to the sound heard on Hysteria. This Def Leppard : Lite sound proved to be very successful for the commercial audience, but alienated a lot of the longtime Def Leppard fans. The songs on here are very happy and campy for the time of Adrenalize's release. Founding axeman "Steamin" Steve Clark had just died a year or so prior to the release of this album from a deadly mixture of alcohol, painkillers and Vallium, setting the band back dearly. I thought this would be sort of a dark, emotional album, but what I got spun my head around and puzzled me for years to come.

The songs, again as I have stated previously, sound significantly dated to some. To me, it sounded as if Def Leppard was just trying to have fun. "Let's Get Rocked" is a perfect example of this. The song is a steady upbeat rocker about rebellion against authority, and just having a good, fun time. Oh my, have I violated the rules of being a metal-head? Did I commit blasphemy? Well I do not care in the least. The song is good fun. "Heaven Is" reminds me a lot of "Photograph" off 1983's Pyromania. I don't know what it is, it is just the chorus reminds me of the arena rock chorus of Photograph. And how can you not sing along to the chorus? "Heaven is a girl I know so well, She makes me feel good when I feel like hell, Heaven is a girl that I've got to have, And she makes me feel better when I'm feeling' bad". It just has that sing along feel to it. Then it comes to a halt for me, which is why I knocked off some points. "Make Love Like A Man" is just plain stupid, almost as stupid as any of the songs on "Slang" or a song on side 2 of this record, entitled "I Wanna Touch U". Both of these get the second place achievement of (excuse the political incorrectness but...) gayest Def Leppard song EVER right next to number one, a certain song off Hysteria that shall remain nameless. They are just pure sleeze laden throwaway numbers that should have been left off in favor of a song like the beautiful ballad "Two Steps Behind" that appeared on 1993's "Retro Active". The track "White Lightning" clocks in at a little over 7 minutes long, and proves to be a great song as well. My favorite song on here next to "Heaven Is" is the final number "Tear It Down" which was written by the late Steve Clark. The song is a great fun rocker that closes out the album in a blaze of glory. Whoever said that Def Leppard has been neutered of all of their talent, should listen to this. The lyrics nag at me a bit, as they are infested with sexual innuendos and all the cliches in the book, but overall one of my favorite Def Lep songs of this later era.

Another complaint with this album I have is the paper thin production. The drums sound like they are just a cheap child's drum machine. In some parts the bass is almost absent from the mix, that's how buried it is. If this album was given a second chance and was remixed and remastered, it could easily be one of my favorite Def Leppard albums of all time, but I feel that the production makes it sound as bland as vanilla in some sections.

Overall, I would only recommend this to Def Leppard die-hards. It is surely far from their best (a spot reserved for 1981's High 'N' Dry), but if you are into fun, but dated songs, I would recommend this to you. Why, you might like this if you just had an open mind!