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Deep Rainbow fails to deliver. - 15%

Satanwolf, March 25th, 2007

"Slaves and Masters" is the only studio album (thankfully) to feature ex-Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner, who Ritchie Blackmore bought into the band against the wishes of the other bandmembers. As Blackmore and bassist Roger Glover were also members of Rainbow this albums sounds like (what'd you expect?) Turner-era Rainbow. That means it sounds less-heavy and more AOR radio-friendly than Purple's best albums.

There is not a single song on this album which doesn't sound like Rainbow. Album single "King of Dreams," "Fire in the Basement," and "Fortuneteller" particularly fall into this category. "Love Conquers All" is a sappy ballad. "Breakfast in Bed" is weak and poppy. There aren't really any standout tracks on this record, but the heavier ones would be "King of Dreams" and "The Cut Runs Deep." There's no lack of musical ability on the part of the bandmembers, but (how many times must I say it?) this doesn't sound like Deep Purple!

This is a stylistic misstep and a confusing record which deviates greatly from the classic Deep Purple sound. Fans of latter-day Rainbow or Joe Lynn Turner might enjoy this, but for longtime Purple fans or anyone new to the music of this legendary band, "Slaves and Masters" is the one album which should be overlooked.