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The Only "Worthaving" Compilation Album by DP - 85%

Ritchie Black Iommi, April 25th, 2012

DP released around a silly-on compilation albums, which is totally stupid considering that most of them are made, in the 90%, of the same songs. You can get: Hush, Kentucky Woman, Hallelujah, Black Night, Speed King, Child in Time, Fireball, Strange Kind of Woman, Smoke on the Water, Highway Star, Lazy, Woman From Tokyo, Burn, Mistreated, Stormbringer, Soldier of Fortune, You Keep on Moving and stuff.

If lucky, in the new kinda of compilation albums you can get eighties Purple and maybe a couple of songs from the nineties and nowadays. It's almost pointless for the collectors to agree with this kind of non-sensical way to waste compilation albums away.

As a whole, I would strongly recommend to the Metal Archives user to buy DP albums (specially the holy heavy metal trinity: In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head; the brilliant Burn and the masterful Perfect Strangers with a nice touch of Made in Japan) instead of the compilations BUT this one.

Purple Passages is the finest compilation album ever released by DP. And it is a good one because you get all the important facts concerning the "Roundabout" MK I. The most important covers they've made with their best songs (not too many) composed in the 1968-1969 period. I can't add more to this, it's a total fair and safe purchase if you liike embryonary Deep Purple, if you can enjoy psychodelic progressive sixties rock and if you are a fan of Evans, as well.

You can get your "have it or die" stock of DP albums (the ones I cited above, maybe a couple more) and, to kill three birds in one shot, get this one for having almost the core notions of DP MK I. No more needed to be added.