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Easily the best MK III line-up live album - 96%

adders11, September 21st, 2009

Let's face it, Deep Purple live is a big deal. That why there are SO MANY live Deep Purple albums around. Generally, only 1 of them really stands out above the rest, and that's Made In Japan. An underrated live album from the MK III era (David Coverdale- vocals, Ritchie Blackmore- guitar, Glenn Hughes- bass/vocals, Jon Lord- keyboards and Ian Paice- drums) is Live In London, which was recorded in 1974 during the Burn tour.

Since this was recorded during the Burn tour, most of the songs do focus on that album. In fact out of the 7 tracks here, 5 of them are from Burn, and the remaining 2 are from the unmistakeable Machine Head. 7 songs doesn't sound like much at all, especially for a live concert, and it isn't technically, BUT the last 2 tracks more than make up for it.

'You Fool No One' clocks at around 20 minutes, and 'Space Truckin' lasts over half an hour, so either, you still get your money's worth. These 2 performances are easily the biggest highlights of the album because they are just 2 lengthy jamming sessions, which are a heck of a lot of fun. No, Live In London doesn't quite top Made In Japan, but it's still got shed-loads of energy as you'd want in a Purple album. Every performance on here kicks some serious ass.

'Burn' is a blistering opener. What a way to start the show! This song is already one of the band's best hard rockers, and how it's played here is no exception. One thing that does impress me a lot is the sound quality. The whole concert is note-perfect. 'Might Just Take Your Life' for example sounds very close to the actual record itself. Burn isn't really one of Purple's heaviest albums, but when played LIVE it does make your opinion change. 'Lay Down, Stay Down' is awesome here and Blackmore totally nailed all his guitar leads and breaks. Blackmore also impresses on 'Mistreated' making him, in my opinion, the most impressive factor of Live In London. 'Smoke On The Water' features, as expected. This song needs no description, but Coverdale does do a more than adequate job of filling in Ian Gillan's shoes for this and 'Space Truckin'.

I really enjoy this live album, and as far as MK III live albums go, this is probably the one you should go for. In my opinion, this is essential live Purple.