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Truly excellent live, you must have it ! - 100%

Triffid_Troll, April 1st, 2005

Who would guess that such a good live album could come out so late in their career..

The album starts pretty balladic and easy, but it's great, with guest vocals, including DIO !! And boy is DIO good here. Dio also performs 2 of his own songs but with Deep Purple playing in the back, meaning Morse riffing like crazy, and Lord killing the keys. Especially on Rainbow in the Dark which comes out as a 100 percent better song than on studio. Oh yeah, the orchestra in the back is also great and blend really good. One barelly believes this is live, I mean the quality is really superb.

Gillian first appears with Fools, and it's great. Just like Dio, he proves he still sings godly. On this track the orchestra is not really present so we get a simply great live song, but what follows is simply BRILLIANT !!!

When a blind man cries - song from Gillians solo album, it was always a great song but here it's simply amazing. Morse proves his skills together with the veteran Lord, simply killer stuff including Orchestra which makes this song truly epic and powerfull. And Morse's solos blending with the orchestra.... Have to hear it to believe it....

Ted the mechanic also blows you away just like on Purpendicular but here we also have some female backing vocals which blend great. So including the guests and some instrumentals that's basically the brilliant disc one..

And now the superbly brilliant disc 2 comes at you like damn thunder. This is killer stuff all the way. It's hard for me to spell the sheer brilliance that you can hear on this.. it's top notch in every aspect, no low point in all the almost over 49 mins of disc 2. Pictures of Home makes me wanna kiss Morse, that SOLO !!! Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming is nothing less good, maybe even better (but what is bad here ? nope, nothing), Perfect Strangers is really way better than the studio version with saxophones killing away... great stuff. Hmmmm... what's next? Smoke on the water... oh yeah... it's good... it's better... it has DIO as guest vocals!!!!! Black Night and Highway Star are the last two... and well... they are... GREAT great great...

I mean people what are you waiting for? If you like music, rock or metal, or anything, this is a must. Maybe the best LIVE of any group I own (and I do listen to a lot of genre's including a lot of power metal). Believe me... it is good... so good in every aspect that it's really sometimes disturbing.