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Probably the greatest DP-Live album, ever. - 93%

rakblad, June 16th, 2005

Well, as the topic tells, this is a really great Live album from DP.
The performance from especially Ian, well, you just gotta love it.
The tracklist covers those "most wanted good old classics": 'Fireball', 'Black Night', 'Pictures of Home' (SHUT UP, That's a ass-kicking great song!), 'Highway Star', and of course 'Smoke on the Water', but also some "newer" tracks, from after the mark 2-reunion, and their, at the time, latest album, 'Perfect Strangers', 'Ted the mechanic' and so on..
And I would have to say that the tracks from the "Purpendicular"-album (which I think is their best album since "Machine Head" in -72) are really awesome on this Live-album.
Altogether, the performance is great, it doesn't sound all that "bootleggy", if you know what I mean, the sound is as good on any other Live-album, and the album covers the best of the best, "Child in Time" is the only track that I miss on this album, and for once, they didn't play "Space Truckin'" which regullary last for about 20-35 minutes when DP plays it live, and that tend to be kind of boring, but this album is never boring, it is just plain fucking awesome Deep Purple.
This is the album that I would recommend any becomming DP-fan to buy, and anyone else that likes Deep Purple (at least the mark II-fans, even though it's Steve Morse on the guitar).
This isn't just the best Live-album, it's also the best "best of", in my opinion.